Wednesday, April 22, 2009

amazing grace for one month

i'm in SF for class, flying to ABQ mañana, to fly back to SF May 5 Tuesday, for MFA graduation Performance May 9 (recommended. have i sent you an invitation? if not, lemme know! i will), last class ever May 10, graduation ceremony May 17 (not recommended, but i'll be there) then i fly to HOU May 18 to have repeat CTscan + ultrasound & see Dr. Ross May 19 Tuesday—treatment to follow according to results and comparisons with previous tests. this after speaking to Dr. Ross late Sunday nite April 19. net: i don't have to think about western med for one whole month! (unless of course symptoms appear/increase, which they have not since Dec. 5 diagnosis = 4.5 mos, in which case i'll drop everything and begin treatment.) whiew, i don't know what to do with this space and time.—but i better get busy on my thesis and last class paper! i send you my love and receive yours as lotus lightning healing every day. marty p.s. this is the first video i ever made ever.—oh lordy have mercy on planet earth, he's gotten started, we shoulda never let him have one a these! it's all over now. hold on!

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