Thursday, April 9, 2009

Marty Back to ABQ

Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 10:05 PM

dr ross called, after 10pm! we had a good easy talk. they have what they need to decide on advised treatment plan.

i may, with dr. ross's belief it is not a bad argument and he has no logical argument to convince me or himself otherwise--he offers this freely without my pushing (even without my bringing it up newly), decide to wait a nother 4 to 6 weeks and have a 2nd ultrasound to see if my body is continuing to diminish the nodes.

i may decide to start with chemo which would also sabotage what my body may be doing, which both he and Dr. Keis do not deny.

before we say anything we are waiting for the CT final report to come in.
the decisions and discussions will take place with me in ABQ.


  1. So glad you're doing these updates now. I heard most of what I know as 2nd- n 3rd-hand accounts. So it's nice to hear the horse hisself speak :-)

    We're crossing our fingers, toes, etc. every day for ya, Martree. Or as the Czechs say, we're "holding our thumbs".


  2. Hey, we Germans say that, too!

    Marty - our love and prayers are with you...

    - Christopher

  3. Colin n Christopher, keep holdin yer thumbs, n thank you dearly. love. thuh horse hisself