Monday, April 6, 2009

Couch Surfing - March 30

This from Marty on March 30, 2009:

"i am like in the garden of eden as a place to spend thuh nite"
dear fellow earth sharer siblings.
okay. i don't know. just go to that's where i am tonite.
garden of eden.
okay some of you wouldn't like this. warm and muggy, anything grows. papaya trees in the front yard out my window.
picked me up at the airport. fed me with the family. chicken, roosters, dogs, & cat. overgrown and loved back yard. golf course & bayou across the road. will wake me and drive me to my doctor's appointment to arrive at 7 tomorrow morning 7 miles away.
i'm crashing at 8:30pm.
what can i do to repay? they smile and say we like doing this. it's been done for us in europe and peru and mexico.
i don't know. where am i?

attached is the first digital picture i ever took of me in my life. of me sittin here right now. in houston. happy.
this couch surfin thing is just plain a stounding event in our species.
love. marty
i am taken care of.

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