Monday, April 6, 2009

Needle Biopsies - April 1, 2009

This is an edited update from Marty as of April 1:

was out for a walk ... circling the residential area and golf course across a bayou where i am staying.
it is a tough time. but i am being coddled by this couch surfer family, and many others.
yesterday i met dr. ross for the first time and charlie was right, i like him. in his career of likely 35 years, he's seen two other cases somewhat similar to mine where they had biopsy slides indicating the same thing mine do, and due to some event or other their treatment was delayed and they spontaneously remitted and the glands went down.
i had a nother ultrasound then, and two more FNA fine needle aspiration biopsies of very small but present glands on my right neck, one upper, one lower. they are very sophisticated here and guided the needle by looking on the ultrasound the whole time. the preliminary report is they look like normal lymph gland cells, and not cancer. i will learn more tomorrow morning with Dr. Ross, then may fly back to ABQ in the afternoon, or stay some for a biopsy of my right vocal chord, a doubtful source of my MCC, but just to rule it out.

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