Monday, April 6, 2009

Cancer in Lymph Nodes - April 2, 2009

i have cancer cells in 2 eetsie lymph glands biopsied tuesday. that's today's news here in Houston TX. more staining needs to be done to clarify, but the implications are clear.
so. i probly need to have modified neck dissection surgery in the next few weeks here sometime. and i have a pointment to see a head and neck surgeon to biopsy my vocal chord growth just to rule that (unlikely) source out and to combine what is needed there with my other surgery anyway.
whether i go back to ABQ and come back to HOU for the major surgery remains to be seen. if i'm to have chemo and/or radiation i can have them in ABQ.
i've had my ticket adjusted to fly back to ABQ a week from today (at 7am) at no extra cost to me, as a special favor for being a cancer patient at MDAnderson. may have to adjust it again, but they needed to nail it somewhere.
i'm still feeling fine (after a nap). and i'm for the moment at the home of a couch surfing ( family who is coddling me like their long lost favorite aunt even though they only met me tuesday, a brand new adventure i've taken on here for the first time for me, which shows i do have some life and mischief in me yet. i also have funds to carry me through some time here in other forms, and MDAnderson thinks my insurance is kicking in 100% on medical.
so there's a mouthful. i spose you can tell paragraph 1 is the doozie for me. i will take some time to absorb. but i feel very much continued on the right track, and in the best hands.

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