Thursday, April 16, 2009

Surgery now...or surgery later?

This from Marty at about 11:00 a.m. PDT (with a couple of edits)-

this trip back to Houston was to have a bronchoscopy that the "mass" on the CTscan in my trachea below my larynx was mucous/artifact, and not part of my body.

dr. Kies' tack, altered from last week's initial inclination of chemo first; due to reflection on the odd non-MCC behavior of my cancer thus far; is to do partial right neck dissection to remove the known cancerous lymph nodes and biopsy them more definitively in whole. he thinks they may show in more elaborate staining etc. a somewhat different diagnosis as perhaps a different neuroendocrin carcinoma than MCC. he would ideally lean toward surgery asap.

dr. Ross agrees, but is in favor of waiting perhaps 4 weeks (it has been 16 days since the Ultra Sound and 8 days since the CT scan) and take new test/scans and compare them to see if the cancer is advancing & spreading or continuing to retract. i'm not sure if what is found out then may stall surgery further or not, i'll ask when i speak to him.

i see this as one world-top doctor overriding another, amicably, because this is a so highly unusual one-of-a-kind progression (regression) of a very rare-in-itself cancer.

i am in favor and most happy with dr. Ross' plan. there are numerous devious ulterior motives, but i think honestly the real one in me is my body's best sense and spirit (which i know could be wrong, but i am willing to go down with it as my captain).

one of my devious ulteriors is i would like to finish skool. this is heart and spirit and life force, too, as you and i know.

i am planning to keep my flight SWA HOU-SFO 7:10am-10:40am Saturday (Apr.18) and attend class on Sunday and see my advisor on Monday, and probly will today book a flight from OAK-ABQ a week from today (7 day's notice) or soon thereafter; then fly from SF to HOU after May 10 for tests and likely surgery, and whatever after that. that would be my ideal scheme. we will see ....

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