Saturday, April 11, 2009

Surgery scheduled in Houston for Tuesday, April 14

A report from Marty after a conversation with Dr. Kies this morning, Saturday, April 11, 2009:

i'm flying back to houston tomorrow Sunday, to stay at the same loving couchsurfing family, and to go to prep Monday and anesthetic procedure Tuesday afternoon, coming out after 4pm, all at MDAnderson again, under Dr. Ross, Dr. Kies, and Dr. Holsinger, again, but this time with a Dr. Georgie Eapen, initially anyway, probably a surgeon, in the Cardiopulmonary Center. for a bronchoscopy and likely at least a nother biopsy. i believe i'll be put completely asleep.

the CTscan final report notes a 1/2" mass below my vocal chords, below (or in or around) my larynx. this may be good news. we don't know yet exactly. but it may be the primary site everybody was looking for 3 months ago, if so, this would mean my cancer is a neuroendocrin cancer of another nature than MCC and mite likely be treated differently.


  1. what a perfect place for those of us who like keeping tabs on our dear friend Marty. now if only i could reach through the screen and give you a hug and a squeeze, now that would be ideal.