Sunday, May 24, 2009

marty in illinois? yes. uh huh. okay.

six days later? oi hoi yoi. here it is: i got a "stable" report in Houston, ultrasound and CT agree—nothing's grown, nothing's receded further. Dr. Ross's comfort level (and mine) is being pushed, so this verdict: wait and watch one more 2-month period. If it's receded, wait and watch some more. If it's the same or grown, then begin treatment, possibly with surgery. The tests then, the last week in July, will be more whole body again, just to be sure it's not reaching elsewhere without saying so.
=== Saturday, July 25, given good health until then, I am highly tempted to appear at a midday reading i'm invited to participate in as one of 4 that day, as part of the greater International Poetry Festival in SF, probly at a library. So I'll fly there enroute to Houston for the re-re-testings.
=== In the meantime I am determined to uncompromisingly nurture my body's healing capacities. This determination has elicited a list, including warm humid deciduous climate, extra sleep by 8 or 9 every nite, minimal sugar and meat if any, regular contact (by any means necessary) with spirit which includes of course YOU my family and friends my human community, and doing my extensioned taxes if i am able along thuh way.
=== The first item on that list has landed me somehow yesterday on Jacksonville Illinois in the home of my first cousin Charlie and his wife Lynne's new-location home with his new practice (surgery) here. I went to church in what I am wearing (I took my hat off inside) and these are two pictures my macbook has took of me with my bedroom window open up there and the trees it looks out on, all on Charlie's property. I'm sitting out in this weather my body has hungered for without telling me quite how much in all honesty since I left Chucawgo in 2003. Things might change, but my plan is to be nice and indulge in my welcome here for 2 months if I can. And to keep in touch with you and even encourage your considerin visiting me here maybe.
=== my snail mail address then is me c/o Charlie & Lynne Sheaff, 36 Sunset Drive, Jacksonville IL 62650-2736. my Skype phone # continues to be (505) 349-4563. and my e-address follows me around all this too. i'm still keeping my room in my apartment in SF until i can muster the time and concept of moving (and figger where to!). life is moving VER fast. but i intend to slow down here a tad.
=== i should say i got here after a day of researching all the ways i could come with last-minute highprice airfares and such and at the last last minute i checked craigslist-houston and found a ride-share leaving for chicago at the very hour i found it--with immense support and love from my couchsurf family there, i was able to jump on and we drove straight through (well a 3 hr. reststop nap) 19 hrs, 925 miles, new toyoto tundra (lotta gas), thank you Ramon. this should give us all hope: i'm still very marty. love. me


  1. Marty,
    Long time since Indy. Hoping that you'll recover your old bb form soon. You have more friends than u no.

  2. like naptown? jocks for peace? got me wonderin. but yer right about that last one. give me some more clues, please? best right back irregardless.