Monday, May 18, 2009

MFA graduate. more med soon.

It's been a while. Sorry. I am not getting to all my intentions these days. But some very well travelled intentions are come to fruition. It is time i said something in here. Oh my oh me. The biggest thing was our graduation performance here in SF on May 9 Saturday. Innumerable people came for it and i was preparing to be very embarrassed for all those coming to see my measly and unprepared 5 minute piece of it. However, things came together, including me finding by "accident" that very morning my 2-years' lost and given up for gone forever—i was truly mourning—bamboo flutes made by Senya and Afra!

My finger tips and lips had fogotten no thing, and I played the tune of my chant on one of them just like a bird. I am so blessed with all that comes to me these days! Winifred visited from Seattle for 6 days, with Beth McKee from Portland for 2; and once young Simon Hatfield from Saint Croix via LA with his contageously fond friend Anne came for 24 hours! Lots of nearer dear friends and family. The whole show and audience was beyond anyone's expectations. My men's group ( brother Gerry Powell brought his sculpture of me i've been modelling for since October, fresh outa thuh kiln! Okay i can't tell it all.

Cousin Mac who started this blog was there and all so has compiled my thesis from it's seven files into one tight handy PDF file i or he can e-you if you like. That i turned in wednesday May 6, and my last class and 20 pp. class paper (doubling as intro to thesis) was May 10. Yesterday, May 18, I graduated whuth a MFA in Writing and Consciousness, at California Institute of Integral Studies.

I continue to feel well, with a minor no-fever and no energy-loss throat and nose stuff which gave me laryngitis which i used as a wonderful prop for my performance. Today i fly to Houston for repeat CTscan and UltraSound tests tomorrow, for comparison, to determine if my cancer is advancing or continuing to retreat. Much may be decided soon as to treatment, or not. I could go quickly into surgery, or not. I am feeliing in deep rich loving company going into this next week. My couchsurfing family in Houston is taking me in a third time, at least for the beginning. I have a ticket to return to SF in 6 days, but may well not do that, depending on results and conclusions from my tests. I will do my best to post news on here as I know it, or have Mac do it if I'm too scatterbrained.

The statue is by Gerry Powell, it's photo is by cousin Betsy Davids. The photo of me is by Emily Rhoades-Clark, Susan's daughter in ABQ, just graduated (from h.s.) too!

. ........................................ a Blessed Boy Marty here, with love.

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