Thursday, June 25, 2009

midway in Illinois. no ill. not much noise, cept for birds, trains, thunder, mowers, n semis.

well, what i didn't say in the video, which is a bit low key and dull, you mite want to cut it short, is that i am very stoked that i am taking part in a humble reading, four unknowns, 15 min. each, as part of the much larger SF International Poetry Festival. check out the whole at my gig is:

New Voices: Readings by 2008 Poets 11 selected poets Melba Abela, Marty Campbell, Aja Couchois Duncan and David Menendez Alvarez.

Saturday July 25, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm at North Beach Branch Library, 2000 Mason St., on the three-way corner of Greenwich & Mason Streets and Columbus Avenue. A newer structure on old beatnik stomping grounds.

I'll be in SF July 23 — August 1. Then Houston for re-re-retesting, and I guess conclusions from that, which may include beginning treatment. Listen to the video if you want to hear that ambivalence.

I'm really very upbeat and happy and just turned 63. Each day is birth. I'm knowing it. With you. Great Spirit. Oh Wordless One. and every friend and family.

Facebook freaks me out. We won't all have our own computers for long if things keep up. So let's do what we can do at the library. Send me an e-mail, call me on thuh phone, Skype me live!, or fire me a snail mail in these next couple weeks, and I can almost promise I'll answer. c/o Charlie & Lynne Sheaff, 36 Sunset Drive, Jacksonville IL 62650. (505) 349-4563. Skype name martycampbell, Love and Gratitude to you. marty

oh hey! you can leave me a comment right here! punch "comments". course everyone can read it. but who cares? life is short. oh god, did he say that? love. marty

Friday, June 5, 2009

i bought a used bike and am happy

my dates for re-re-testing in Houston are set for August 3 & 4, monday & tuesday. i will likely go to SF for my wee little poetry reading scheduled with 3 others, midday Saturday July 25 likely at a library branch (featuring me dialec stuff a la Saint Croix, me son).
= = = i continue to be healthy so far as i can see. am focusing on keeping so. diet, sleep, exercise, spirit connections including uncomplicatedly beloved ones. i'm happy in Jacksonville Illinois so far. very middle USica. very humid, not so hot yet, deciduous right out the window in every direction. i bought a used hybrid Trek bicycle with a medium frame but a seat post that goes up to a fine height for me. only 2 years old, and smoothe runnin. so i'm happy there. a tad lonely and it's an expensive and several-legged place to get to by air or bus, train might be as good as any (to Springfield IL, 3o miles east of here). i do encourage you to consider coming to visit. i'm not travelling much in order to try to keep my self sleeping early regularly (my most difficult discipline). but i am keepin in touch with more by e-mail and snail mail an phone than i was with skool goin on. try me. love to ever body. marty