Friday, August 7, 2009

santa cruz CA August 9 - 24

okay i bought tickets to fly to Santa Cruz CA until my surgery back here in Houston August 26. dizzy marty. but i'm goin there for peace and quiet and clarity and focus among old friends including men's group brothers and particular trees. i believe i will find it. i have missed SC ever since i left the mountains in Dec. 06.

i was thinkin a readin this to you, but i think i'll just take a pic of me sittin here in my room in this totally angelic couchsurfin home and key it in here—i wrote it this morning:

I'm completely aware I'm takin just slightly more out of each day than is allowed. The other shoe's got to come down some time. But I'm not cringin yet, me son. I'm livin for all I'm worth. The kernel this life is love. Spirit. Sometimes blind. Sometimes completely aware. Never sure which. Smilin.

i just ran three rounds on my favorite stretch just across the bayou. so my shirt's off an i'm drippin. happily. love. marty


  1. Marty - you're lookin' so good! I think I've figured out this blog stuff & now I get a blogger dashboard and can see your postings others! cool. you are turning into such a "techy" - I see I have to get with it.

  2. this is my cousins n friends gettin me into this stuff. i'm barely with it. so glad to see this from you cyn. love to you and hat. marty marty