Monday, September 14, 2009

biopsy sounds on the good side

my biopsy pathology report is they removed 24 lymph nodes and of those 2 are positive for Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC). it appears contained in what they removed, so no signs of disease remain in me. however this is a pretty sneaky and aggressive cancer, so 1. i won't be considered clear until 5 years from now with no recurrance, and if you read too closely, that is generally unlikely—once it is in the lymph system percentages are not great. however mine has all along been behaving very unusually, maybe it'll continue. and 2. they are likely to recommend chemo and/or radiation when i go back to houston (a week. Saturday to Saturday) and see the docs Monday and Tuesday Sept. 21 & 22. i feel i need to participate in these decisions. will let you know more then as i know.

am recuperating pretty well. good energy with plenty naps. one symptom is likely permanent: Horner's Syndrome = a droupy right eyelid and a smaller pupil in my right eye, vision a bit disoriented-fuzzy slower to focus, but i can see most everything i want to see and read well. one symptom may recover fully: lower right lip muscle is non-responsive, so i bite my lip a lot and i can't whistle like i used to—hope that'll come back! i'm in just plain good spirits and endurance for doin what i need to do, like write rigorous letters to doctors this morning.

more in a week and a half. (i can answer the phone and e-mails pretty well.) love. marty to my circle a a mazing hearts

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