Wednesday, September 30, 2009

in decision …

i should say i am in seattle among greatest oldest friends. i was right about houston recommending radiation followed by chemo, and am here to see a doctor who does not automatically recommend chemo for every patient with MCC. i saw two of this species yesterday, each disrecommending chemo for different, yet sound, to me, reasons. both recommending radiation strongly, which i'm now likely to do—just must decide quickly where! hard for me. give me 3 days. (it may likely be in an area with enough business to support a radiation oncologist who specializes in head and neck radiation. it's a 6 week/2 month gig.) any thoughts? i am very well and well supported. love marty


  1. So why not do it in Seattle? Heck it's home of Grey's Anatomy though doubt you are familiar with that TV series. Anyway gator and best of luck!

  2. i am. yer right. and thanks. heart to heart. luck to luck. gator gator