Tuesday, September 8, 2009

two pics '75 & '80, age 29 & 34. while back, huh? lotta life.

credits: Debbie Howard, BnB Mckee


  1. Never knew you played guitar Marty! And that second photo was eerily similar to that photo of "Stan the flying man" that I e-mailed you.

  2. well i'll be damned on both accounts! i sure played that guitar out there in that bush! but i guess i bamboo fluted most when you knew me, dunno. sure do look like stan the flying man don't i? hmm. can there be pre-reincarnation? and simultaneous reincarnation? hmm. we are all each other. we live! we live! nothin can stop us. gator gator over, out. n nice to see you here.