Wednesday, October 28, 2009

radiation begins

i go in for dry run + marking + filming friday Oct. 30 at eleven and noon:thirty. then begin the real thing radiation monday Nov. 2, 12:30, 5 days a week, M-F, 5 or 6 weeks. so far this is definitely the hard one for me. never did this kinda thing to muh body. soakin up all yer prayers, love, n dear thoughts. thankin you whiew. bless you and me. ken here insisted on takin before and after pics, they made me shave for the mask i half ta wear to hold me in exact place each time. i don't know how to turn them sideways; can you do that? love. jumpin in. marty


  1. I am thinking about you, Marty! A big hello to Marty's chin!


  2. Keeping you in muh heart, Mart. And I gotta say, the family resemblence goes up pretty quick without the beard. ;-)

    All love,

  3. heheh never saw marty's chin before. how long has it been since marty's chin seen the sun?

  4. the beach sends wellness, the trees send love, the the paths have pretty much all gone away. love, S & S
    ps hello, chin.

  5. thank you chinesetwine! it's called the Marcus (but i swear there's an "h" somewhere there in thuh spelling) Chin, colin--i've been hidin muh power! let's see, no plan B, 1999 Halloween to chaperone CDS highschool party as a skinhead, where my own (2 year) students didn't know who the hell this dude was at their party, lookin at me eye to eye. and then june 8, 1993, grammy great's hundredth birthday party, she had thuh thing shaved completely off as her gift from me. shumbird, i am so very there, thanks for so dearly callin it up to me/me up to it/with you two walkin partners. all love y gratefulness