Tuesday, December 15, 2009

done, cooked, n cuperatin

dear fellow beings on earth.

i'm through all treatments and just now yesterday and today startin t feel thuh weeest bit like i'm beginnin ta heal and recuperate. my main complaints are deep constant fatigue (lifted for a moment this mornin when i woke up, for maybe the first time in 2 months or more), deep raw skin burns on neck and shoulder (right), taste buds completely shot (no thing tastes good. at least now all food is not repulsive, though), and continued nerve damage (from surgery) so the nerve to my trapezius muscle on my right back/shoulder is not firin. there's others. but it is possible and hopeful that each of these complaints will lift in their sweet time. my skin already feels better these past 2 days. i am definitely more upbeat now that i am not leading my body to further destruction each day. if you want to see photos of my skin i took today (too late for the worst—a few days ago), send me an e-request—i'm not puttin em in here.

i'm more able to keep in some kinds of touch. and i'm even doin business stuff like bills and EOB screening of health insurance, that i've been unable to face during radiation. things lookin up. i intend to stay in seattle a nother month, then go to warmer climate till May. we'll see. just workin on keepin healthy and upbeat. successful for thuh moment. whuth yer immense help!

that last pic's pretty accurate still. cept muh beard's comin in more on thuh left. sendin you my love n great gratitudes. marty


  1. Hi Marty! I am finally sending out Christmas cards today and thought of you when I hit the "C"s and came across your old St. Croix address in my book. I have some great news - I'm starting back teaching at UVI in January, now on a tenure track in English. Yay! I'm glad your treatments are done and I wish you a peaceful and relaxing new year. Love, Robin

  2. hey. you mite see me soon in flesh. any extra teaching tracks available? i'm interested. serious. but all prospects aside, CONGRATULATIONS robin, and i wish you many joyous years in your long perhaps sought and surely long prepared for (since i first knew you!) position. may your career fly with delight.
    i take your wishes for me to my heart. thank you, marty