Tuesday, December 29, 2009

oh my. i'm snowbirding to saint croix.

i just bought tickets to fly to saint croix (US Virgin Islands) overnite monday, arriving Tues. Jan. 19, returning to Seattle Thurs. May 6. i feel so whimpy, which i attribute to a fair and possibly legitimate case of post traumatic stress syndrome—or rather total exhaustion for upholding pre traumatic stress syndrome for an entire year! i'm not sure i can or will really believe i'm doing this until after i'm back, if then. anahow, it's done, as a true Scotsman, once i've purchased a ticket, i'll go through with it i spect. i lived there 24 years, most of my adult life (i keep saying). i have human friends and tree friends there who i've terribly missed. the trick will be to recuperate and not over-extend myself celebrating this reunion of my heart with it's most doted piece of earth. love to all. your support is sending me. not mine. all highest love. marty


  1. say hi to my friends the fish and my tree friends too...... all dem.

  2. thank you dearly who am i and no plan b. i tink i an i really doin dis ting! (1/16/10 packin)