Wednesday, December 23, 2009

weekly report

well now i should keep reporting in ever week or so huh? yeah. okay. see? i'm smilin. my taste buds have advanced so much that a couple days ago i ate a lot all day, first time in over a month. good sign. still i think chicken soup is the only thing that really tastes (and really tastes good). (which is what i ate all day.) (one me and winifred concocted whuth lots a frozen vegetables thrown in including spinach (—really good, try it!)) an you cn see what my beard's doin. there's hope folks. and i am in good cheer and good company—with you. love and gratitude and holy days. marty
oh! in case you haven't noticed, the dumb camera i use here all through is like a mirror image—it is not like me lookin at you, it is like me lookin at me in thuh mirror = what's on what looks like the left of the me lookin out at you is really on my right in real life. so in this one, the beard's on my real left and the droopy eyelid is on my real right. goodness is this confusing to try to explain—now _i_ don't understand! love, though. marty

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