Sunday, January 24, 2010

marty's gone bush

it's time i said i'm here. it's been a bit just settling in and regaining energy. still in thuh process. 4hrs jet lag, vegan diets, heat again after so so many years, friends who hain't seen me for ten, things like that—it all mounts up, i'm overwhelmed. just takin it bit by bit, to see where my energy flows.
i've been here 4 days.
i realized right away that all i wanted to do most was to go hiking in the hills and bush. truly. to visit trees i know. what i came to realize yesterday is that i really would just like to live in the bush, and the only obvious place i can do that is on the 4 acres of the friend i'm initially staying with, Mark. so, even after visiting two civilized places in very nice locations that i could rent for very little, i've decide to try the ole tarp among trees over a piece of flat ground method, of Senya's and of mine from time to time. and i'm very close to my ole neighborhood of my happy time of about 12 years. [that's thuh short version, if you want yesterday's 4-page essay version, fire me an e-.]
here's a snail address: c/o Mark Graffis, 214 Little Lagrange, Frederiksted USVI 00840. and my phones and e-mail work fine. and/or make a comment here. there's josé on Skype. gotta go. love and gratitude to ever body! marty


  1. perfect choice. live amongst your friends the trees.... please say hi to my friends the fish. also tell me about some of your great walks - up jolly hill, down analie hills to the bay, marron hole, caladoneia gut.... all dem west end places i tink about meself. ba-wha.

  2. i like the new bushman marty :) love,

  3. thank you plan and charles and plan again. i am lovin it here. and yer rite, it's thuh bush.
    love. marty