Sunday, March 21, 2010

hey i'm fine, sorry

dear beings sharing this earth and plane,
mark just reminded me i haven't made an entry since january. he has a way of putting pressure in his tone of voice. so here is a promisory note to make a real post very very soon.
the main hitch i can identify is i have a half a day of energy each day, but i have the same wonderful visionary full day of mischief in my heart and mind. so fitting it all in is a real impossible task. but it is the same blessing as a kid in a candy store, i am trying and succeeding in knowing that at least ever once in a while in a check-in (within, Senya style). posting here has been my intention daily for months. it's just gotten the slide from myriad other intentions, many of which i will not get to this time on saint croix. but one i am heading for right now. i'll tell ya about it soon.
love and blessings and gratitude to you for so sharing this journey. marty

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