Thursday, April 29, 2010

one last breath on saint croix then back to seattle

dearly beloved fellow inhabitants.
mark again reminds me i need to update my blog. ah me. i am really feeling positive recuperation has occurred. am still fatigued. but i do do amazing stuff. last monday i went on this 7 and a half hour hike with Veronica. tomorrow we go again with Rudy joining us. that i can do this is ver good sign folks. here are two pictures off google earth of where we were (one is zoomed & contained in the other, you see). maybe i should say more about this later--Oh! I mentioned it below! Read that. this is ver deep sacred visitation to me on sooo many levels. whiew. all love. (a week from today at this time (seattle time) i'm in seattle. check-up may 11.) marty
p.s. make me write my essay titled "air". ask me for it, then i'll halve to write it! more love. marty


  1. i know this place.... right? analie bay area - the mermaid pools? northwest shore of STX

  2. what most people call annaly bay is the upper right corner of the less close-up picture. the next bay to the left/west (which is the bay in the close-up) has a rock bridge/tunnel over/across the opening of the pool to the sea. perhaps that's called a mermaid pool, dunno. it's a hike on rock from annaly bay, somewhat unpassable when the sea is ROUGH.