Tuesday, May 11, 2010

received a good bill of health

seattle. win went with me. just received a good bill of health from my radiation oncologist Dr. Upendra Parvathaneni. there's my picture yesterday, would you give this man a good bill of health? oh well. i don't honestly feel today all that healthy and strong as my vital signs seem to indicate. but i spect i will after i get some (more) sleep. the CT today of my head and neck look good and healthy, no sign of cancer growin anywhere. but he wants me to come back in 3 months as a matter of course. so on and on it goes. but he says after August 26, 2011, (2 years from surgery) if i've still no sign of cancer, i'm 90% sure cancer free. so there's a ceremony date. mark that in yer calendar. you'll have to find me wherever i am and come and participate with your most ceremonious self. thank you for your ceremony to here my dear beloved. marty


  1. you look more like you with a fuzzy face

  2. I've marked it in my calendar.

  3. Well now thank you Plan B ... i see you made a new entry in your blog too, yes?

    Oh oh Linny. So good to hear from you. You know I totally melt melt to thuh ground hearing you and calling you Linny. I think I spelled it Lynnie 40 years ago. But you fill a legacy void. So beautifully you do. Bless you. I am crying. [new paragraph] What I love about your blog last time I looked is the incredible refreshing design of simplicity.

    Em it's a date. And may our blogs join us. Yours is off to a raucus start.

    Bless you each fellow bloggers, dearest friends and family. Love. M

  4. Thanks Marty, you made me smile!

  5. den how come you ain smilin in thuh pictya?