Friday, June 11, 2010

continued upbeat

hoi, dear being beings.

i had a wonder full visit with my brother tom and our family recluse-cottage, the roundhouse in the indiana dunes (and multitudinous other cousins!). and with my cousins in central illinois. visiting where i had stayed before and after surgery, and where i'd anticipated doing radiation but changed then to seattle, ... visiting my dear room and town and bicycle and cousin caregivers, from this vantage point of after it all, ... visiting how dearly i took care of my self, when my drainage tube was still stickin outa me, ... was full of very dear sweet emotion for me. seeing my brother is so rare and precious. yes that's him on the lefts. now you see how i got this way!

i'm back in seattle for a couple months now and perparing to do my taxes. then look for a home. researchin intentional communities ( for a start).

feelin good. and connected. to you. thank you. marty

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