Friday, August 13, 2010

hello, marty, are you there?

i think it's time i showed i'm alive in here again.

i just had the time of my life, as momLola would say, at the Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC (my own initials, i remind you!)) gathering Tuesday nite at SCCA (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance) where the doctor I came here to see works as both a clinician and a researcher. i met in person 15 (well one is over 90 and didn't show but sent 3 daughters) other very human and very alive beings with past or present MCC diagnoses. we heard probly a couple hours' presentation rattling through a myriad of cutting edge developments in research and treatment and detection for MCC. well, if you know anything you know how i like physical presence. time of my life.

i also just applied for admission into a one-house intentional community 5 blocks from win's called Prag House. it looks like my chances are on the slim side as they're going chronologically (probly because we're all so good) and i'm the last of 5. they've filled one of the 2 rooms available and will let me know by 2 weeks from now or so. but just the exercise of interviewing, touring, and applying is a HUGE, to me, sign of life.

what was the other one? oh, i submitted 5 new pomes to a journal of poetry of place called Windfall out of Oregon, a regionalist (as in sexist, racist, ...) journal of the northwest. when i hear, i'll hear.

if you'd like the text of either of these above 2 applications, let me know and and e-mail address if i don't have one and i'll send em. one of thuh 5 pomes is there just a few entries below this one, in black, on an orange entry, as i recall.

have i even looked at my taxes? no. but all of this above is i believe—serious—preparation for that. (we each prepare our taxes in a different way, now.)

i didn't even say hi! hello dear fellow journeyer on this earth. be blessed. you are a blessing to me. maybe leave a comment. with love. marty