Saturday, May 28, 2011

half a year! i must be doin great or else miserable!

dear blessed fellow beings.
i've been so lost. trying to muster up some evidence that i'm fully recouped. that last entry was my exhilaration that i had worked eight 12-hour days in a row helping move Win's partner Melody's belongings into storage, when she was forced into dependent living by a fall that affected her walking and her speech and maybe cognition. it was a sad and tense week (and since then, too), but for me it was also proof of the puddin: i could now get off my pitty pot about lingering fatigue!
since then it has been far more complicated, as the building i'd just moved my self into let it be known there were more than several apartments with bedbugs. don't google it if you don't have to. i find i am a prime candidate for delusionary parasitosis. talk about it and i itch. they are neigh impossible to live with and neigh impossible to get rid of. so i kinda freaked gradually like a underground volcano.
in the meantime i was looking for a job, consistently, 6 months, and for a nother place to live, as well as dutifully attending a cancer support group that was tough reality to be in a tight circle with, not to mention my friend winifred's equally deep mid-60's traumas and/or post-traumas recurring (i'm referring to my self here equally you must understand). i also was looking for a way to leave the cold wet city, particularly in March, which became April. this was a very very hard period for me, and i did not see any way out comin soon. several jobs came up that i would really like, and i dreamed of the steadiness they would offer me, but i was not chosen.
then i got e-wind of a sub-job openning at Good Hope Skool on Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands, my 24-year haunt and home of the 70's 80's and 90's. it happened very fast, but that's where i am. and i'm makin finals now, so i won't say much more till skool's out for the teachers, June 8. chemistry, geometry, and intro to physical science. i now have a job (2 more weeks, 35 work-days total.), a different place to live (with hair lice and mosquitoes instead of bedbugs), and i'm out of thuh cold wet city.
the biggest deal to me, is, as of yesterday (day 28), i believe i can say i can truly work full time without debilitating fatigue. this has been a test that i needed and wanted to know the answer to. i think i'm passin.
back to seattle around july 4-ish.
love to all my fellow survivor-students in this world wide school called life. marty


  1. delusionary parasitosis, that would be a good web site, or a good name for a geeeky/nerd band.

  2. No way !!! I did 4 years in the 60's in St Thomas. Probably where the Merkel cell thing started.If you lived on St Croix then I know you know St Johns and St. Thomas. I took the "Goose" as it was called back then to St. Croix once. Although I can never go back to St. Thomas (long story), I do miss the water there. Truly amazing we have touched intersections on this journey, or maybe not. Be well friend.

  3. hey marc. yer all over the place in here. yes we have crossed paths. i've been to SD too. had a cousin there many years as a potter.

    thank you for joining me here. we share a journey. may yours be blessed with all the joy you exude, comin right back at you.

    yes. be well. friend. marty