Saturday, June 11, 2011

marty back to marty's mischief

dear fellow feisty humans.
i'm back to my energetic mischievous self, it looks like. just turned in my keys to thuh classroom and have completed my 35 day task of completing the year with 4 upperschool classes of Chem, Geom, & IPS (intro to physical science). have a ticket from here (STX) to San José CA on July 3 to hang/write with José Torres in Santa Cruz. then will fly (or hitchhike) home to SEA a roundabout July 10 or leaven.

i'm, at this moment, anyway, ver stoked. feelin alive like i thought i mite never feel again.

thank you for your gift of solid solidarity presence on this earth.

with love of sharin life with you. marty

what i wear snorklin in thuh daylite. photo credit: Jake Sheehan


  1. we are excited to have you back in Seattle! (and wished we could have seen you in STX) love from turtle and moose

  2. You look happy and healthy... where you be? St Croix by the sea? HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!

    Staying with whom? Roger and C?

  3. turtle & moose, n Plan B & family. thank you and thank you. i'm sixty five and a live. happy to be. thanks to you and your likes.
    where i was in thuh pics was jake's & louise's livinroom. where i was on muh (and jake's! shared) birth day was up in mark's little rental house atop a his hill a way at thuh back of Little La Grange, a dear day of peace. where i am now is in thuh next post up. i had a wonder full overnite by bicycle visit with hat & cyn, but did not otherwise stay with them, i stayed at mark's after teachin.
    love & gratitudes from longwinded marty