Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sweet Home Seattle

Be it ever so humble. I'm home and grounding my self. Doctor's appointments galore, now that i've made my medicare decision. So complicated you could die of it. On to lookin for a job. Winifred and i are visitin good, glad to see each other. And working on writing, which is a beeg welcome change, for me. So i'm settlin down to life is life.
See muh little dreadlock in muh beard? It's momma (you can see in her glory in the pics to the right (double click and fill the screen)) fell off in my hand a few weeks before my diagnosis. End of 08. I was in Chicago. Walkin from visitin Merechi to visitin Colin & Petra who yesterday gave birth to a baby named Kuba. Everything is newborn.
Sendin all my love. Marty thuh Good Doog


  1. Hey Marty, Don't know how long you've been in the Seattle area. Do you remember that infamous commune called the "Love Family"? Spent 18 months there back in the day. Now that, was a trip.

  2. thank you giant. i've heard of it even back when i lived here in the 70's i think. but don't know that i knew any of them/it personally. did they make granola? oh me. i'd love to hear about it. i was definitely a comfortable hippy in my own way (mr. clean), especially in those years, but i spect all would agree i don't hide it none up to now. marcus, my heart is with you right now. bless you. stay just as you are, alert, proactive. you will thrive on past this bugger. all love. marty