Sunday, August 21, 2011

dour demure anniversary. Fri., Aug. 26, 7-7, please come.

OK I'm going to do this. All are invited to my house for soup all day 7am-7pm Friday August 26. May be mandatory 5-minute writing exercise. No presents. Presence. Please.

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reason i'm dour, demure, late in getting this out, and haven't started making soup until today is i'd held, and i'm sure've announced in here, that if i made it 2 years without recurrence then i'd be less than 5% chance of recurrence thereafter, well, i was wrong: it's 20%, and that's a big difference to my little heart, very hard adjustment to make along with the fact that 2 fellow diagnosees i have met in person are experiencing recurrences. (most recurrences with this variety are untreatable and aggressive.) these past 2 weeks have been a deep spiritual reconciliation for me with life. with you and with me. i'm here, i'm okay now i think. but it's going to be a very different celebration than i had envisioned. low key and sweet. and yes. presence. a sacred form of life.
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you may be present in absentia as well. just write for 5 minutes anytime on Friday August 26 with the prompt: "What I am alive for this minute." of course if you have five minutes, you mite have 5 sections, one for each minute— ... in other words, anything goes, you may violate all instructions except "write". please send your thus written presences to me, if you will.

if you are unsure what we are celebrating with this presence, there are archived posts herein for August 25 and 26 2009 that could explain. last time cancer was seen in me.

i am happy to be alive and to share this life with you this moment. love. marty