Saturday, September 24, 2011

thank you

it's almost a month now and i'm still well whelmed whuth presences! thank you each and every. 12 came in person. 10 of them also wrote something and left me a copy. then i think it's up to 40 now who were present in absentia by writing something and sending it to me. if you wrote something and haven't sent it yet, please do. what was written has melted me all over thuh floor. what i plan to do maybe in a month or so is assemble all the writing presences, and with the permission of each writer, maybe share it in two ways: 1. with other writer-presences, and 2. with anyone else interested. so if you've written something and i have it or will, please let me know if it is okay with you if i do #1 or #2 or both. it won't make you any more or less present with me, but i don't want to share them with others without your permission.

thank you for blessing me with your presents here on earth. i feel so wholly holy gifted. this is what i call life. drippilly grateful. marty