Sunday, November 13, 2011

mcc bloggers' blog?

dear beings sharing earth with trees and stone, solid and liquid.
as of today, i have read at the blogs of fellow mcc diagnosees numbering 7 and probly some i am forgetting. each author yes, as yet alive. this is a lot to read. infinite blessing.
i am thinking there must needs to be a bloggers' blog for us. to me, so far, we are far more than compatible. i wish my reading speed had gotten beyond 4th grade. but nothing would be enough. this unattainable is just what i said, blessing. like kid in uh candy store. to be alone with no connections is the flip side, a place i've never been, fortunately.
there are two youngies out side my window, hair blowing just like the yellow and green leaved branches above them, overcast all day, likely 44º F as opposed to my brother Tom's 64º in Chicago "perfect for tennis". one holds a triangular headed guitar case with some weight in it. they have a discussion, then part. it is getting dark at 4:30. my screen, just below the window, is getting too bright.
love and gratitude, for people to key to, and for people to read the keys of. marty

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