Wednesday, November 23, 2011

to a happier turkey day for all!

can't resist postin this pome, the latest entry to my evergrowing volume of pomes peripheral to cancer, or rather now, cancer as Periphery to Poetry ... or is it just Periphetry?


. . . . Hard to settle down

en route to my marching,

first one since diagnosis,

of what? maybe a dozen

since birth? conceived the

day Dad got back from

the war, wearing "Power

to the Peaceful" in pink,

pinned to my coat.

. . . . Saying everything

I've ever had to say

in a nutshell that nobody

understands yet. "They don't

have any unified statement."

But they will.

. . . . Next week around

turkey it will settle in. That

we are the Indians. Before that

the protestants, thrown out. We

are the Negros. The Jews my

father fought to free. We are

the women through herstory. We

are gay marriage to Mexicans on

this side of the border. Illegal.

Now it is we.

. . . . What you mean we,

kemosabe? We are Tonto.

We are free.

© marty campbell

to a happier turkey day for us all.

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