Wednesday, May 30, 2012

what i skipped april? can't say i skipped may quite anyway whiew. how long can these titles be? can't believe i never asked. it's time to say i'm feeling wonderful again. i was in Texas (a ceceded portion) visitin a fellow Merkeler and family and managery and home. i should leave some for the body, the text, huh?

oh my oh me.  i need to say how good i feel.  clear and more enduring in energy and thought and feeling.  long as i keep getting 10.5 hours of sleep a nite.  no kidding.

i just wrote in muh odd sort a scattered journal:

this is better than having cancer and the stock market crash at the same time.

let's say i had a cottage in the city to go to on retreats from the country, say ... a cottage retreat?  where i could go write my poetry in the raw cold desolate wildly natural mountain of human existence?  retreating from the heart of god.

senya said if you look at them in the eye too long, you'll burn them
and you can't write it all down, god talks too fast

so let's just say i'm feeling kinda weird and it's great.  i miss that.  win says i'm laughin again.  n she missed that!

whatever it is, let's see how this looks as a post.  [i really really want to see thuh title!]


  1. Hi Marty,
    Thought of you this morning and here you are! I'm glad you're feeling so well. I've moved back to the states - Savannah, GA - and am trying my hand at being a stained glass artist. Happy June!

  2. dear Robin.
    bless yer hand and all stained glass that's in it or that it may touch.
    tho i did read it the month you entered, here i am replying (still flying) a year and a half later!
    may we each continue to cre-ate. marty