Friday, June 15, 2012

Graduation, par excellance

i'm not going to let June slip by.  for several reasons.  here's one:

the youngest fellow Merkeler i personally know of, a never-give-up survivor of us all, MENTOR to us all, Scott Hammond, way at thuh other end of thuh continent ... graduates from high school today:

(if you've never been on a caringBridge site, you likely will be often when yer my age, might as well start now.  you sign in and register once for life, never have to again, and it's innocuous and never comes back to you, they don't sell yer stuff.  it's quite a community.  and a caring force toward real, in each moment, living.  the idea is to set up for everybody, easy to use, a blog for just the same purpose that my cousin Mac set this one up yer readin now, for me.  i visit easily ten, often, each month.)

join me.  go visit Scott, and leave a note in his Guestbook.  i believe we'll be able to do this for the rest of our life.  he's a true leader, for us to follow.  why not start now?  (even if yer readin this in July)

with love.  marty