Saturday, June 1, 2013

record of a spirit-marty event

tapete de la familia Bautista de Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, México
dear fellow beloved beings.

here's an e-mail i just sent to 34-and-counting beings.  if i haven't hit you as yet, here it is!  it IS to YOU, from my heart.  if you'd like any or all of the attachments, just let me know and i'll send em, it's easy.

   i've had 2 visits from Spirit of late.  I would like to share them with close friends & family, and to hold on to them my self, so I wrote them down.  And they are attached.
   in case it's unclear, i affectionately refer to God-Jah-Allah as Oh Wordless One, Oh Wo for short.
   knowing my wordiness can get in the way, i cannot dream of putting them on the Required Reading list for any dear friend of mine.  so i've prepared abstracts for each.  that way you can decide if you might want to look closer at any of them.

Abstracts for the 3 documents, Regino's Call, God's Call, Summary Step 1 Al-Anon:

Regino's Call:  I have whined for years that my friends and family are not present enough to me in my life (by phone, letter, or person).
         In two days here, Oh Wordless One slapped my whining in the face.  My friends & family, next to trees, have all ways been and continue to be my second most lucid connection to God (Oh Wo).                  4-7 pages.

God's Call:  When human life as we know it nears its end on earth, due to GMOs, nuclear radiation, or global warming; I run out of ways to pray, connect to Oh Wordless One.  Ah, but I gain a new way as well!                  3 pages.

Summary Step 1 Al-Anon:  I have been working Step 1 for a year, in Al-Anon, all the while leaping through 2 and in to 3.  I chaired in my home meeting May 9, Thursday morning on Tradition 5.  Our purpose.  I'd said it was like presence and listening, doing my own personal work in the steps, a "let it begin with me" of the Steps and Traditions, perhaps of all 12 step programs.
         To me that presence can mean a lot of things, but it comes all together with and in Oh Wordless One, whom i defined, for me ("of my understanding"), in 1964 at 18; for whom i adapted my own affectionate name (Oh Wo) and "sought through prayer and meditation" in 1993 at 47; and whom i now join with in such a way, with full intention to, and belief that i can, turn it all over to, in 2013 at 66.9.
                           3 pages.

i hope you got this far, because this page is required!  to me it is an event in my life that i would like to share with you just like a trip to México or surgery for Merkel cell (still none since 2009).  thank you for sharing this precious day on earth with me.
   unfortunately i think this may be the sort of thing my brother Tom is referring to when he says "Please don't go lu lu on me, Mart."  but he has even asked for a copy if it's not too much trouble.
      so, with lu lu love.  here it goes.  marty

p.s.  if you cannot open any attachment or link, let me know.  i can easily send it a nother way.  love.  marty

Friday, February 8, 2013

bustin loose, high time, huh?

dear fellow beings.
   i think this is the 6-month mark.  i surely did start travelin for other than medical reasons, or anything else essential.  ah essential.  i feel en route.
   nov 8 i flew SEA-MEX then bussed (autobus) to Oaxaca, Oaxaca, México, where i stayed 7 or so weeks, 4 of them in a writer's residency, the only writer among 6 or 8 other visual artists, at Arquetopia Oaxaca.  this brief community was very deeply special to me, as a community of people who truly see the world and live life as co-creators, just as i believe my mother did, thus a view of life i accrued unbeknownst, but treasure, and love living among.  very different, to me, to the usual life on earth.
   then a couple weeks travelling to and attending the World Rainbow Gathering near Palenque, Chiopas, México, across the transition from one Mayan calendar era to another, Dec. 21, whence it commenced to rain an inch an hour from "midnight" 12am through 6am.  straight up and down, no wind.  lotta water, baptism.  population sustained, before and after, pretty much at 1,500 steady, the 11 days i was there, dec 19 through 29.
   then a 4-day-and-night yoga and meditation retreat at a permaculture farm/home reachable only by boat from Santiago, Guatemala, on Lago de Atitlán.
   after which i met a deep dear kin soul spirit in a young (-er than me) lady Florencia with her 6 yr old daughter Myriam, from France.  we have traveled together since, from San Marcos, Lago de Atitlán, Guatemala to InanItah intentional community on the two-volcano island Ometepe in the middle of the biggest lake in Central America, in Nicaragua, by bus, 4 full days, whiew!  very enlightening and rich stay in community.
   innumerable people had been sick with a wide variety of diarrheas, some with fever, at the prior 2 events, and again here.  i had remained quite healthy until here, where i had off-and-on diarrhea without fever, but getting very weak and sick toward the end.  using 3 herbal treatment methods methodically for 3 days, then fasting for 3 days (during which time i felt great!), i bucked it and am quite healthy for a good nother 10 + days now.
   in which time we have returned to México, staying a couple days in Xela (pronounced "shaylah"), Guatemala en route.  the highest altitude large city i've ever been in.  to some, the Mayan capital of the world all time.  definitely dominantly indigenous territory.
   we are currently resting up and rejuvenating in the sun, sand and sea.  my first time on the Pacific this whole trip.  the southern-most tip of Oaxaca state (only Chiopas state goes a little further south in México, before Guatemala), a wee town called Zipolite, solid beachhouses of all sorts, next to which i have found a wee cove where i sleep alone on the beach each night, free of smoke and noise other than surf and birds.  Bahia Camaron (GoogleMaps-able).
   then we plan to visit a couple intentional communities in Mexico that are under any radar i've had, but Florencia has heard of them from a couple good sources, and some include indigenous members, which interests us both.
   do i sound busted loose?  i sure feel it.
   lotta stories to tell.  the main one so far is it is very hard to keep up with my self, no say write it down.  ah me.
      thank you for your company, the blessing of your presence in my world on this earth.  love.  marty