Friday, April 18, 2014

loose again, ho lordy

i've spent the 5 months since just before turkeyDay wintering here:

literally on the southernmost tip of Lake Michigan, likely the southernmost tip of the entire Great Lakes.  Arctic Vortex and all.  a true Midwest cleansing.  wishing to be closer to my brother as we grow older.  enigma as it is.

got my annual pestilent financial review and taxes done record breakingly quickly, for the first time in near 10 years without an extension.  rewarded my self/celebrated with a week's journey to Toronto to visit a fellow unknown h.s. classmate—we discovered each other on our 50th reunion website, with unignorable parallels in our respective life journeys including fellow blogspots: — hers i recommend quite highly, after only making it halfway through this morning, full amazed and enthralled.  and me being featured poetry reader at the local (Ogden Dunes Indiana) Prime Timers' monthly luncheon.  ALL before midnight April 15.  yea wow!

now i open up to cleaning up and packing out to hands-on search for an intentional community to call my home.  i feel so released.  to the wild wide open.  loose again, ho lordy.

glad to be

in your company                   love.  marty


  1. we love you marty. looking forward to hearing where you call "home" next love L&M

  2. thank you Lauren and Matt. look at my next post, and see what you've taught me about marriage. thanks for that too. ;-)=+ love. marty thuh Rev