Wednesday, May 21, 2014

THIS BLOG SHIFTS from an individual toward COMMUNITY

somewhere in the Midwest or South, in driving distance of my brother in Naperville IL, i am looking for an intentional community, such as an Ecovillage, that i might resonate with enuf to apply for membership and try living in long term, as my brother and i grow older.
    this entry i compose here on my second day at The Farm above Summertown in Tennessee.
    as i've voiced this desire over the past couple years to friends and family, i realize how far i have drifted WITH my "community" of loved ones from this goal and this vision of life possible that i've held so close, yet back-burner-ed in my heart all my adult life.  with only two or three exceptions, no one i love knows what "intentional community" means.  i say go to and just read, to get the most accurate definition i know of.
    something Douglas Stevenson, member and perhaps most vocal-by-pen spokesperson at The Farm, has said in something i read, has stayed with me for months as i enter this hands-on journey of old and sacred goal.  perhaps it was in his "Farm Fresh" newsletter for anyone interested in The Farm, which i've finally subscribed to.  i plan to look at back issues to find you an exact reference to it.
    but the gist is this:  the non-residential communities such as support groups, church, boy scouts, clubs, schools, etc. are actually the opposite end of the spectrum, perhaps of intention as well as product, from residential intentional communities.  this really hit me, as i have thought of all my excessive myriad of support groups i've leaned on, to rise out of my fatigue side effects to cancer treatment, as community building in a parallel and compatible sense to intentional community.  hmmm.  gotta find that quote, and think some more about this.
    when i got a diagnosis of Merkel cell carcinoma, 5 Dec 2008, i turned first to Spirit, as the greatest and most reliable healer.  for me the main avenues of relationship to Oh Wordless One are loved ones and trees.  and i sure turned toward all my loved ones i could except two, with whom i felt our love was too complicated for me to handle at such a time.  this blog grew out of that turning, as the most efficient and safe form of reaching out and holding my self open for receiving back uncomplicated, simple, healing love.
    3 months before that diagnosis, i had initiated and received this e-versation:

From: Vickie2 
To: 'marty campbell (by way of Ecovillage Training Center)'
Sent: Wednesday, September 3, 2008 3:22 PM
Subject: RE: visit

He does want to be part of a Ecovillage. What did you tell him? If anything. Because if you, the Ecovillage, were going to have interns or apprentices he could be part of that, maybe.

Well get back with me.

Sincerely, Vickie
The Farm Welcome Center & Gift Shop

-----Original Message-----
From: marty campbell (by way of Ecovillage Training Center)
Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 3:07 PM
Subject: visit

i would like to visit an ecovillage outside of the state of california where i am living and going to school now.  in March 09 i am able to leave for 4 weeks, actually the last week in February and the first 3 weeks in March.  may i come and stay there in a month guest space.  i can compensate/exchange in money as well as enthusiasm and a few odd skills (mainly writing).  i would be in school and have heavy homework full time, on-line and otherwise.  but would like to be part of the community otherwise.
    i can send more info about myself.  but for now i am a male, 62, straight, white, tall, self sufficient but cummunity hearted.
                  blessings and gratitude.  marty campbell

marty campbell                
1535-E pershing drive
san francisco CA 94129-1208

    well.  here i am.  i'll go back to my family's Indiana Dunes Roundhouse for one more week of cleaning and packing, then return here to The Farm, June 5 or 6, for a week's Ecovillage Training Center orientation, June 8-14.  and hope to extend my visit here some months.
    in today's "Farm Fresh", Douglas likens joining The Farm as a member to a marriage, literally, "for better and for worse, til death do us part."  explaining that that is why the process is both arduous and lengthy.  i am preparing to ask them to accept my diamond ring.  perhaps not just The Farm, but Ecovillages in the Midwest and South in general (Global Ecovillage Network,;  i am asking to be engaged.
        love to my community.  from my community


  1. Grateful to you Marty for your expressing of such clear intention not forgot and not leaving out heart, spirit, and physicality of the body. Patiently carried through turnings of where life brings you. Not exactly just waiting to see what happens next. What a novel idea......

  2. dear sarah & samantha. can't tell you how much this affirmation means to me. and who it's from. grateful blessed boy marty