Monday, August 18, 2014

new home, sweet home

i am here, arrived, trying/hoping to relax & settle in after 3 very solid months of flurry.  hoping to remain inside The Farm as a long-term visitor beginning application for membership.  i have a P.O. Box of my very own in Summertown.  and this car that just took me back to Seattle and back to here—still need to get that picture in here cousin Renée took mid-way in Colorado.

what a journey.  lotta deep breathin n sighs comin out yet and still.

um in muh tent, on a wood platform, with a metal roof well over it, high and dry thru all day yesterday's, and then again last nite's, rain n lightning n a little thunder.  and a couple places to store safely all muh boxes.  at the Ecovillage Training Center, one of many non-profits within The Farm.

a whole world to tell a whole world to live.  this for now.  but let me hear from you.—i may at last have it in me to properly respond!

bless me.  bless you.  marty


  1. Your new "home" sounds a little like your accommodations on St. Croix. A tent is the ultimate "tiny home".

  2. Gosh I wish you could send the rain here. I'm trying to wash my dishes with just one small bin of soapy water per day. Samantha and I are well, currently enjoying warm weather, windows open, flowers blooming. I'm happy that you've found a good home.