Wednesday, June 24, 2015

sorry i've been so long

still living at Thuh Farm.  driving back from a one-month roadtrip tomorrow, a day after turning 69.  writing exercise:

6/24/15 9:11 PMw
we hiked our 4th hike in 5 days averaging 9 miles each, this one a 13.4 loop, with elevation gain of over 4,000', to La Conte peak, the highest in TN (the one they call "higher" only so if you count the 150' viewing tower they put on top of it), and perhaps in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.  in 10 hours total, counting 1.5 hours at the top chatting with interesting and friendly folk.  and there i popped the conception of having my next, 70th birthday there, with all friends, family, and Merkelers invited—one year from today.  there being a lodge there that one must hike (or parachute) to, the shortest approach from any road being 5+ miles, and very steep.  so i'll look in to renting one or more of the cabins up there.  and then the conception of getting a job staffing the lodge up there.  ah me, a job i would truly love to experience.
         after all that hiking in these mountains over here, one can come to feel that the scenery is a tad repetitive.  but this hike today was so very deeply special in quite a number of spots and aspects.  a sweet rainbow falls, and following a terribly rocky creak quite a long ways, so uproarious when it rains hard that signs are posted at both the top and the bottom not to take it when the creak is full, but to take the other Bullhead trail.  which is the one we took coming down, a few tenths of a mile longer, but quite surely seemingly a less steep and gentler grade.
         i have never been fond of rhododendrons until today.  there was a certain variety in it's prime about half way up and also down.  purest white, and a close cousin with a barest pink edge to each petal.  the only pink i recall ever liking.  these are presumably indigenous and wild.  tall, huge, and lush.
         microclimates the whole way, different going up than down, different sides of different ridges.  forests entirely the whole way, but biodiversity like i've never seen.  oak, maple, buckeye, locust, hickory, pine, hemlock, spruce, and many i don't know the identity of.
         juncos, salamanders, and numerous warnings about aggressive, dangerous black bears.
         josé's tossing and turning.  i guess i should turn my light out and get to sleep myself.
6/24/15 9:52 PM  seattle time, 6/25 now here.


  1. glad you are well, marty. hugs and love from vashon

  2. Marty, it's Lyn from STX. I just spoke to Louise and she told me a bit......hope all goodness stays right with you where it belongs.

  3. lyn, give me more clues. i lived 24 years on saint croix, 12 of them teaching 100 students a year (some lyns), did you? or are you lyn from the 70's? please lemme know more clues.
    turtle, for example, do you know lyn? she may be ula's younger & predicessor, which is probly before yer time. but who knows. turtle, thank you dearly. glad well hugs and love back to you two too. hey i even got a e-mail from the other one today yet to look at! blessnesses. —thuh rev (Louise is the original rev! same ordaining path. and i know you (plural) know Louise. ¶ you still in skool? an when you graduate are you movin to your fancy new job on saint croix?)