Thursday, December 31, 2015

can you believe posting two days in a row? 1st time ever!

12/30/15 7:42 PMw  this morning i sorted pecans, totalling a day and a half.  this afternoon i chopped (pecan) wood until it rained, then break, then i went with Alanah and gathered eggs from one coop of elder chickens, and one "chicken tractor" (a permaculture term) of younger high-producing chickens—totaling over 100 eggs a day at the moment.  it was raining really hard on our way back.  but it is still warm, and being wet is not a discomfort.  they sell their eggs at $4.00/doz, unfertile.  they eat the ones that are unsellable because they are fertile, have blood spots, or are misshapen or an odd size, which leaves plenty for the community (equally delicious and fresh) and plenty to sell, at present.  i have a dozen in my/visitors' refrigerator, and i am the only resident visitor currently, at least in Fuller House. 
         I reside in Hildegard of Bingham room, can you believe it?  i hope to get electronic file copies of each page at each door (maybe over a dozen) of the twin-single-bed rooms in this house.  they are each named after sacred Christian of a wide variety of sorts of pillars of peace and justice.  i think it is worth publishing.
         a room here, with 5 community lunches & 3 dinners a week, and free access to the ample left-overs-refrigerator all hours, appears to be $20/day donation request.  the tent site i had reserved was considerably less.  but when i saw the rain and freezing weather comin, i luxuriously requested this upgrade.  the rooms, bedding, and towels, common kitchen & several common bathrooms with showers & occasional bath; are simple, plain, new condition, unassuming, and immaculate.  i've never seen such very nice lodging so inexpensive anywhere in the US.  maybe i should have my 70th birthday here, my treat.  what think?

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