Monday, January 4, 2016

marty goes to Sunday School

1/4/16 4:58 PMm  well i been here a week tonite.  leave back to TF a week from this mornin.  halftime for Marty at Koinonia.  this time, anyway.
         i did go to Jimmy Carter's sunday school, and was coaxed into staying for the service with the carrot that i & anybody could have their picture taken with the former president, and that this was a rare opportunity to have for anyone anywhere with anypresident, and possibly the whole point of coming to sunday school for everyone involved.  so i've a photo to pop up here at last.  and i'm thinkin of makin a nother one with me with my Merkel cell carcinoma awareness T-shirt on next to one of the yard signs in every yard around here that says "Jimmy Carter for Cancer Survivor".  i do feel solidarity with him in my pacifism and my cancer thrivorship, and i appreciate his mentorship of living a life of service and peace to me and the whole country & world.  he and his wife still participate in Habitat for Humanity, for example, at least a month every year somewhere.  he had a favorite uncle who was a prisoner of war during WWII and thought to have died, but did not.  he was found to be alive after his wife had remarried after his funeral.  he was not in good shape, though.  the story is sad.  we learned a lot about his family who had all 4 kids and what 12 grandkids? and some great-grandkids.  fun downhome family tales, many sad human USican life stories.  his 28 year old grandson has recently died unexpectedly.  Jimmy is 91.
         he also did teach sunday school a significant bit after reading passages from both Luke and Matthew, about the naming of Jesus, and the power and meanings of our own names and those we give to our children.  He is James Earl Carter the Second.  His father went by Earl, and he by Jimmy.  If his father were alive, he would tell his father that he tried to live a life as much like his father did as he could.
         [nearing 8pm—>]  So what does all this have to do with Koinonia Farm?  Koinonia Farm formed very near where and when Jimmy and his wife were very young and grew up in Plains GA.  both are Christian.  both share the unusual Christian values of peace, service, and civil rights/diversity.  And Jimmy was a very strong supporter of and believer in Koinonia, as well as Habitat for Humanity, which was founded at Koinonia by members of Koinonia, and only grew out of Koinonia because its mission became worldwide, whereas Koinonia's focus and service was intentionally local.
         I have more to say, about writing and about newcomers, to both KF and TF.  but i need to get to sleep—my hardest discipline, wherever i are.  G'nite.

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