Friday, January 1, 2016

blessed past and presence

1/1/16 9:30 AMf  David here has asked me if i mite like to meditate with him when he did any of the two times a day he does it for a half-an-hour.  I've done so ever since; this morning made thrice.  It is very special for me.  After once a week Sunday mornings for an hour on The Farm, a half-an-hour feels in one sense like a breeze, hardly noticeable; and in a nother sense very deep and poignant in our subcommunity of two within the larger community of oh a baker's dozen or so here working and praying on site on an average day. 
         I think Elizabeth had said there are 17 living, working, worshiping, in fellowship on the two pieces of property that now constitute Koinonia Farm.  Most or all of the 4 current stewards (committed for life presence, what might be called elsewhere members) live on a plot some short distance away from the main acreage here where all the others, including visitors like me, stay.
           sending blessings first thing.  love.  marty

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