Saturday, January 9, 2016

this & that & WWOOF-like

1/9/16 8:35 AMsat  Well, not exactly every day, but more often than every other!  pretty good for undisciplined me. 
         extraneous things:  one can live here without ever buying groceries or eating out—there's 24/7 access to the left-overs' fridge, with excess from each of our meals.  after a week, each item goes to the "compost" buckets, which are fed to is it the chickens first, then the pigs? 
         there is no vegetarian cooking or preparation here done by vegetarians, except perhaps by the random assignment of a vegetarian as cook for the meals, which i have a feeling never happens, or maybe just for one rare day at a time (carnivorous cooks cook for weeks).  there is no smootsie-wootsie, better-than-the-finest-restaurant cooking here of any sort like is pervasive on The Farm (per my experience) (vegan/vegetarian).
         work here can be much like WWOOFing (WWOOF World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or Willing Workers on Organic Farms, is a loose network of national organizations that facilitate placement of volunteers on organic farms. Wikipedia), though it is not called that or listed so, so far as i can tell.  WWOOFing is available on The Farm, at ETC and Mark Hubbard & Company, but this fact is not posted on the front page of any posting or website of TF so far as i have seen; i.e. it is not a community feature, rather an individual effort or "company" feature within the community.  and The Farm and/or ETC and/or Mark Hubbard may or may not list themselves with the international WWOOFing system, i don't know; the ones i've known of have simply asked for it directly and have received it (or not, i guess, if there may be many requests i do therefore not know of).  here at Koinonia it is up front on website and everything: you can welcomely work here, or not (and retreat), as you wish.  
          at TF it is strongly recommended that you come and visit often, it is strongly discouraged that you come and make use of the myriad varied-priced accommodations without an agenda of what to do, and it is strongly recommended that you take part in one of the businesses offering intensive workshops of one manner or other, at whatever the cost—so you are well occupied while you are at The Farm.  from the beginning to the end, it can seem that TF wants every interaction to be commercial, at least for newcomers.
         granted, WWOOFing itself is a form of un-moneyed commerce.
         at TF those WWOOFing are most often residing and eating entirely alone.  if there are several, they may reside in company of each other.  the only members of the community they typically interact with are the ones they are working for.  and if one is there for a workshop program, again, one is closest to one's fellows in the program; residing together in hostel or campsites, or in room rental accommodations, one's choice; and one is not invited into any other residential or work areas without the chaperone of the program facilitator.  in this sense, it feels to me like a very internally private community, and perhaps not so interested in outreach or expansion as a community.
I'm kinda packing and wrapping up last-minute intentions.  grateful ole marty


  1. Just checked out your blog for the first time. Good stuff, Marty. Keep it up.

  2. omg ETHS 1964 classmate. ho lordy, i've been tracked down! i find this as i make my first post in a year and a third. ¶ thank you from my heart, Bill. ¶ tried to find your blogspot, but unsure by the picture if it's you. been so long. is that your woodwork? if so, we sure do come from thuh same place. grateful ole marty